On-Line Olympiad

On-line Olympiad

The  On-line Olympiad was done in the  Armenian language. It was held in the areas of journalism and human rights in 9 provinces of the Republic Armenia in schools where the Internet connection is available. We implemented  extensive work in all regions of disseminating information about the competition, internet, radio, television, and on-line media, on-line information services, as well as through regional council.  The spread of information about the Olympiad in Yerevan was through  the media, the Internet, and advertised in 100 schools, where we divided into leaflets and business cards, posted a statement and submitted by online schools. This was a very  diverse Olympiad program.


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Health and Hygiene

Health and Hygiene

Armenia remote areas, children are not getting the proper knowledge of health and hygiene due to lack of information. Parents often do not have the appropriate knowledge and skills necessary to most of the children which could for a child engaged in agricultural activities cause various infectious diseases.


The program is implemented in accordance with the theoretical and practical training through qualified professionals. There was 2,400 children and teens that participated in the program, which we distributed hygiene kits and medicines n the boxes. We had discussions with healthy lifestyle topics for adults and also aimed to increase children's awareness of health and hygiene.

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Our Hearts and Souls to You, Children

Our Heart and Soul to You, Children

Armenia experienced a socio-political transformation. In 1988 there was a large earthquake and the Nagorno-Karabakh war waged by the economic recession, which increased the number of orphans and vulnerable children. They urgently needed a sharp increase psychological support, physical health support  and peers integration.

The project was implemented in province of Vanadzor, specificly  the community of Mount Tez vacationing area. It consists of 3 shifts of 60 days with experienced educators and professionals that organized courses, games, presentations, and psychosocial rehabilitation works.

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