Community's Young Voice


The project "Community's Young Voice' is implemented in 10 provinces. The program is administered by Canadian Foundation ( Canada fund for local initiatives) as well as implemented by Armenian representation of Counterpart international's local and social government support program

And also made possible with the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency Zartonk 89 NGO’s young journalists online center.



The long-term goals are:

  •   to promote the involvement of community’s young people
  •        The raise awareness of the problems as according to the youth of the provinces and to find solutions
  •          To support the youth of the provinces the development of IT knowledge and skills
  •          To promote active volunteer work in provinces


  •         Promote the use of information technology research and creative skills level
  •         Create and develop a virtual learning platform where the possibilities of new media will be used for the befit of communities youth
  •          To help the people of the communities to discover use of new media and create endless possibilities for the future
  •         Promote awareness of the youth about the importance of volunteer work with the help out organization’s active volunteers
  •         To promote youth self-confidence and self consciousness level
  •          Create and develop a partnership between communities and Yerevan youth
  •        Promote communities youth emplyment level

The program supports the youth aged 16-20, in the provinces of the Republic in Armenia,  development in research skills, creativity, and IT skills, to increase the productivity of youth, the importance of volunteering , the increasing self-worth and self-efficacy of the youth, increase in communication between youth, and our beneficiaries will gain knowledge, experience and skills. To shape our beneficiaries into more honorary citizens, we will better our provinces.